SCORE, stands for Scientific Community Online Reputation Execution, in itself provides clear aim and objective of the firm. SCORE was built keeping prime focus on the reputation buildup of scientific community.  

According to an article published by Forbes Magazine, Core mission of Scientists is to build knowledge but as there is a scarcity of funds and positions in the Practical world, its crucial for them to build their reputations and careers.

Scientists, Doctors and others from scientific community need not to consider just research and field work but also their reputation build up to achieve respect and recognition in their own field. This company was started under very old, reputed and well-know digital marketing company, OpenDG under the supervision of Mr. Srinivas Sarakadam.

Mr. Srinivas Sarakadam, a digital marketing specialist having 15 years of experience holds distinction of conducting 1000+ campaigns throughout GLOBE is the key person in this process. “Transformation” is what, he always believes in and he continues to transform himself towards his strengths and new opportunities. Every SEO expert would give solutions for their clients, But Mr. Srinivas, gave solutions that not only boosted businesses of their clients, but also boosted up their morals. He became very soon, a reliable person for his clients, in which way he is now famous for his Digital Marketing solutions.


To build the Web’s most impactful Reputation building company…. To provide the recognition and respect to the scientific community they deserve.


We have single GOAL: To be the Best Reputation Building company throughout the GLOBE.
It’s a burning and everlasting desire to assistant our clients maximize their outcomes — and beat their strategic goals. Though our goal is a bit ambitious, our values are what drive us every day.


Social sites and digital media provide numerous opportunities for scientific community individuals to interact engage and share their knowledge with wide population. Advantages with SCORE digitalization services are as mentioned below:

Promote your research

Publishing a paper is not the final destination for a scientist. Science today strains upon researchers share their findings to the society. SCORE shares articles and posts regarding your research to the relevant community and once the post is live on internet, true reviews and comments can be received.

Digitalization serves Personal Connections

“People crave for Connection and Community”
Internet era has come up with the ability to spread communication across world in new ways seen in digital media. “Networked individualism” is renowned concept for managing personal networks with community. SCORE team builds the personalized network for effective communication with scientific world.

Possibilities for exchange of Ideas: Endless

Exchange of ideas within scientific community delivers incredible inspiration to doctors and researchers. It brings motivation and, sometimes, a sense of competition among them. Currently, scientists and doctors deliver presentations and talks at conferences for dissemination and sharing of knowledge. Our concept has come up with providing virtual space for scientific community to exchange their ideas and be a part of “Openness Revolution”.

Career Advancement, Fund raising and Collaborations

Personal recognition and reputation lead to strong visibility over social networking sites. LinkedIn and other social sites facilitate PhD and Postdoctoral scholars meeting people with common interests, profession and so. Networking is a part of career development, because we never know which contacts can lead to in-person interactions. Also, Relationship building is foundation tomb for fundraising activities and collaborations in academia as well as industries.


SCORE is looking for highly motivated and creative people, whether applying as first job in concerned field or having professional experience and are equally enthusiastic for next career step. We look forward to receiving your application!


Intern with SCORE and you’ll get the chance to really gain knowledge, with proper training and hands on experience in one of the digital marketing company. You’ll be part of an inspiring team, with the chance to network with people across OpenDG and SCORE. Though we can’t guarantee jobs, we will help you develop new skills and discover your strengths, so you can get your career off to a great start.