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Science and technology are both sides of a coin. It is must for scientists to have continual research on one side and on other, to create their IDENTITY. The evolution of digital era brought everything at one place called INTERNET. Scientific communities working effortlessly towards enhancement in science and technology, helping modern life become more reliable and comfortable.

SCORE is an exclusive personalized digitalizing site for scientific community. It provides services and assistance for building reputation. Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, etc. are the people with core mission of building knowledge and life. But in today’s world when funding and permanent positions can be scarce, focus should also be kept on building reputation and careers. As sometimes knowledge-building and reputation-building seems to be at odds, SCORE offers tremendous back-support for the same.

“Reputation affects all areas of science,” he says. “You cant know everything about every researcher, so name recognition becomes an important discrimination tool.”
[Woolston C (2015) Recognition: Building a Reputation. Nature 521, 113-115]


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  • Dr. Pamela Bastain

    “..I stumbled across SCORE website one day when I was looking for presenting better reputation for getting scholarships and grants. The asking price is so tiny in front of my passion for career building. When I approach them, I was overwhelmed by friendly, genuine, and helpful staff to answer my bucket full questions...”
    (Pristine laboratory for astrophysics, Netherland)

  • Dr. Carl B. Adams

    “…When it comes upon building good reputation among scientific community, only SCORE is the company withstanding on their promises. A great obligation to their talented team, my profile was recognized at higher level and received research grant for my laboratory…”

     (Centre for Molecular Medicine, USA)

  • Adolf Aschoff

    “In this huge competitive scientific world, it is next to impossible to receive personal research projects and grants just on the basis of published papers. I heartily thank to “Reputation building Gurus” like SCORE for standing with me.”
    (Integrated biotechnology laboratory, Germany)